US Senate proposes new sanctions against Russian Federation

  • US Senate proposes new sanctions against Russian Federation

Kyiv: A group of US senators on Wednesday, February 13, submitted a bill providing for the imposition of additional sanctions against the Russian Federation. This is reported by the local media.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee said in a statement that the authors of the document are Republicans Lindsey Graham and Cory Gardner, as well as Democrats Bobo Menendez, Ben Cardin and Jeanne Shaheen.

The measures are proposed to be introduced in response to "Russian intervention in the work of democratic institutions abroad", as well as for events in Ukraine.

The list of measures proposed by the senators is divided into two parts.

The first involves sanctions in response to Russia's intervention "in democratic institutions abroad". In particular, they concern "Russian banks that support the efforts of the Russian Federation to undermine democratic institutions in other countries".

In addition, senators consider it necessary to introduce restrictions aimed at investing in Russian LNG projects outside the Russian Federation. Also, the bill provides for sanctions associated with the Russian sovereign debt.

Also, US lawmakers want to impose sanctions on the Russian cyber sector and Russian "political figures, oligarchs, members of their families and other individuals who contribute to illegal and corrupt actions".

Another part of the sanctions concerns Russian aggression in Ukraine. Thus, senators propose to add to the sanctions lists "24 the Federal Security Service officers considered to be involved" in the seizure of Ukrainian sailors in the Kerch Strait.

In response to the actions of the Russian Federation in Ukraine, senators propose, among other things, to introduce restrictive measures against the shipbuilding sector of the Russian Federation "if Russia violates the freedom of navigation in the Kerch Strait".

In this part, the senators attributed both the sanctions related to "supporting the development of oil resources in Russia" and sanctions against Russian state energy projects outside the Russian Federation.

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