11 Ukrainian and Georgian sailors arrested in Portugal

  • 11 Ukrainian and Georgian sailors arrested in Portugal

Kyiv: A SEA SCAN 1 vessel was detained off the coast of Portugal with 2.5 tons of cocaine on board. The crew of the vessel consists of 11 people, eight of them are citizens of Ukraine.

This was reported in the Trade Union of Maritime Transport of Ukraine.

“The crew consists of eight citizens of Ukraine and one citizen of Georgia, the Netherlands and France. The crew members were detained by the competent authorities of Portugal. At the time of the pre-trial investigation, the investigating judge chose a measure of restraint in the form of detention for a period of three months to all the suspects. In accordance with the requirements of Portuguese law, all detained sailors are provided with the services of a lawyer and an interpreter. The consul will visit the citizens of Ukraine in the place of detention after receiving the relevant permission from the Portuguese side,” the union said.

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