Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd arrested in Georgia

  • Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd arrested in Georgia

London: 31-year-old Jack Shepherd, who was suspected of killing 24-year-old Charlotte Brown, was detained in Georgia. Now Georgian security forces are preparing Shepherd for his extradition to the UK.

This was announced by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Great Britain Sajid Javid on his official Twitter page.

“I welcome the news that Jack Shepherd is in police custody in Georgia. We will seek to swiftly extradite him to Britain. It is vital Charlotte Brown’s family see justice done,” the message reads.

On January 26 last year, the court released a 31-year-old man on bail. After that, Shepard did not appear at the court session.

The incident occurred on December 8, 2015, on the River Thames. Jack Shepherd suggested to Charlotte Brown to take a boat trip on the river, which, according to the man, belonged to him. The boat operated by Shepherd, for some reason, collided with the construction of the bridge, with the result that a young woman and a man fell into the water. Shepard was able to escape, Charlotte Brown was found dead in the river.

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