In Britain, Labour tables a motion of no confidence in the government

  • In Britain Labour tables a motion of no confidence in the government

Kyiv: In the UK, the largest opposition party initiates a vote for the announcement of no confidence of the government of Theresa May. This is reported by local media.

It is noted that MPs stated such an intention during a discussion in the House of Commons of the British Parliament. A vote of no confidence in the government is already scheduled for Wednesday, January 16, and the May government agreed with this date.

The Labour Party was the initiator of the distrust.

"Jeremy Corbin (the leader of the Labour Party - ed.) has tabled a no confidence motion in the Government after their historic defeat on Theresa May’s deal. The Government have confirmed that this will be debated and voted upon tomorrow," the message on the official party account on Twitter says.

The BBC, which broadcasts debates in the House of Commons, stresses that the Northern Ireland Unionist party, which is part of the government coalition but opposes the government version of the agreement with the EU, will still support the government.

The result of the vote depends largely on whether the May's party members, who are in internal opposition to the government and voted against the agreement, support the distrust. As is known, only 202 deputies supported the document, 432 voted against, including more than 100 deputies from the Conservative Party headed by May.

If the vote of no confidence is supported, the parliament has two weeks to form a new government or to vote for "restoring confidence" in the May team. If this does not happen, new parliamentary elections will be announced in the UK.

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