Macron began a three-month debate

  • Macron began a three-month debate

Kyiv: French President Emmanuel Macron began a three-month national debate, which, in his opinion, will contribute to resolving the future situation with "yellow vests." About this, he reported to the local media.

“For me, there is no forbidden question. We do not agree with everything that is normal in a democracy. But at least we will show that we are people who are not afraid to talk, exchange, discuss,”

he wrote in a letter published by his office.

Macron also said that he will remain faithful to his election campaign manifest, and seems to rule out the possibility of “rolling back” some economic reforms aimed at developing business, such as giving up the wealth tax, which earned him the nickname “president of the rich”.

“When taxes are too high, our economy suffers from a lack of resources that could be profitably invested in companies, creating jobs and developing,” writes Macron.

In a letter of 2,330 words, which almost all French newspapers published, he also raised a number of questions that he hopes the French will answer at city meetings throughout the country or in online questionnaires.

We recall that the far-right party National Association held a congress in Paris, at which it announced the launch of the campaign for elections to the European Parliament.

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