Javelin stopped shelling from tanks - Poroshenko

  • Javelin stopped shelling from tanks - Poroshenko

Kyiv: After the delivery to Ukraine of the American anti-tank Javelin missile systems in the Donbas, shelling from tanks stopped. This was on Thursday, January 10, said President Petro Poroshenko during his visit to Rivne region, the local media reported.

According to the president, the enemy tank crews refuse to leave the position after Ukraine received American ATGMs. "This is an extraordinary psychological effect from the entry of Javelin into the armament of the Armed Forces of Ukraine," Poroshenko said.

He noted the international support of Ukraine from sanctions and assistance in the training of military specialists at the test sites to the delivery of weapons, stating that the supply of Javelin to Ukraine had become symbolic and effective.

The President added that the Ukrainian army is now capable of adequately confronting a more numerous adversary and continues to increase its strength.

He assured that in 2020 the Ukrainian Armed Forces will be fully capable of operating according to NATO standards.

We recall that in early March, the Pentagon announced that Ukraine would receive Javelin anti-tank missile systems (ATGW) for a total of $47 million, including 37 launchers and 210 anti-tank guided missiles to them. In late April, it became known that Ukraine had already received these weapons.

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine will fully switch to NATO standards in 2020 - Poroshenko