Israeli Air Force shelled Hamas positions

  • Israeli Air Force shelled Hamas positions

Kyiv: In response to the missile attack of the Palestinians in the south of the country, the Israeli Air Force shelled Hamas positions at night. This is stated in the statement of the Israel Defense Forces.

There is information that the Israeli missile defense system of the Iron Dome detected a missile launched by Palestinians from the Gaza Strip that night.

"In response to the launch of a missile in Israel from the Gaza Strip, the fighters of the Defense Army hit several targets of terrorists in the territory of the Hamas military camp in the north of the Gaza Strip," the statement said.

The media write that the Palestinians were aiming at the city of Ashkelon around 3:00 in the morning. But, according to the testimony of residents, the missiles were intercepted, it could be heard from the characteristic sounds.

We recall that the leaders of the Palestinian Authority located in the West Bank, along with militants of the radical Islamist organization Hamas, torture people. This is reported by experts of Human Rights Watch.

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