Ukrainian political consultant on the election campaign: "If Poroshenko fails, Groisman will try"

  • Ukrainian political consultant on the election campaign If Poroshenko fails Groisman will try

Kyiv: Ukrainian political consultant Oleksandr Kurban noted that the election campaign in 2019 would be unexpected. He stated this during a conversation with Front News International journalist.

“This will be a very interesting campaign. There will be a lot of noise, a lot of things that we have never encountered before. That is, it will be a battle for Ukraine. This election campaign can change absolutely everything. It is unpredictable, and according to its results, it can be both with a high level of positive for Ukraine, and absolutely destructive. It all depends on who will win these elections,” the political consultant said.

The expert also expressed his assumption that the new leader of the ratings for candidates may appear at the most unexpected moment.

“So far we have recognized favorites both in ideology, and in the media, and in public preferences. But it is completely possible that at the last moment, on January 29 or 30, another candidate may appear, who is sitting in the shadow. In particular, I do not rule out that Groysman will want to try if Poroshenko does not succeed in everything,” added Kurban.

We recall that in Ukraine started the election campaign before the presidential election in 2019.

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