In India, the police chased a wild elephant in the streets

  • In India the police chased a wild elephant in the streets

New Delhi: In India, law enforcement officers and foresters tried to drive a lost elephant out of the city. However, the animal made attempts to frighten law enforcement officers in response. This is reported by the Ukrainian and Western media.

“The inhabitants of Cuttack were panicked when they saw an elephant near their houses. Before he had time to mess things up, the foresters, together with the law enforcement officers, forced him to flee,” the report says.

As noted, the animal pursued with the turned on sirens, but the elephant returned and took a few steps to the car, trying to scare the police, but did not dare to attack.

As a result of the police harassment, the elephant turned off the road and disappeared into the thicket.

During the persecution of the animal, the inhabitants of Cuttack were advised to stay at home or look for detours.

We recall that in Ukraine they plan to ban the use of wild animals in the circus.

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