Interpol puts on wanted list Ukrainian national Kapinos

  • Interpol puts on wanted list Ukrainian national Kapinos

Kyiv: Interpol, at the request of Russian investigators, put on the international wanted list Ukrainian national Stefan Kapinos, who is considered to be an accomplice of Pavlo Hryb, who is accused of terrorism. This is reported by the local media.

“According to investigators, Kapinos and Hryb allegedly met on VKontakte in 2013 and began to communicate via Skype. The indictment says that Kapinos allegedly told Hryb about the “methods of making explosives known to him,” they report.

According to human rights activist Hryb, the instructions for using explosives to Tatiana Yershova could be sent not by his client, but by Kapinos, since he had all the information for the first entry to Skype.

As already noted, Tatyana Yershova is a witness in this case. According to Russian investigators, it was her who Hryb was inclining toward terrorism.

Interpol immediately after the message about the search for a suspected Ukrainian published his photo, on one of which Kapinos is wearing camouflage. 

We recall that the Russian court in Rostov-on-Don incriminates to illegally detained Ukrainian citizen Pavlo Hryb "Inclination to act of terrorism" article of the criminal code of the Russian Federation.

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