Facebook has imposed restrictions on posts with sexual overtones

  • Facebook has imposed restrictions on posts with sexual overtones

Kyiv: Facebook has introduced new restrictions on writing publications. Users have already managed to christen it "sex censorship".

Information about the changes announced the press service of the social network.

From now on, any publication that encourages sexual contact between adults, or encourages them or created to organize such contacts is prohibited.

Under Facebook, the use of expressions of a sexual nature is now banned, because they can be harassed and interfere with communication with other people due to the cultural characteristics of different countries.

In addition, it is forbidden to publish any videos on Facebook that demonstrate sexual intercourse, erotic dances, massages, or any recordings that can be regarded as a search or suggestion of sexual contact or suggest correspondence with intimate implications. Publications with sexual slang and sexual overtones and hints are also prohibited.

We recall that in November, a resident of South Sudan bought a minor bride at auction on Facebook for 500 cows, 3 cars and $ 10,000.

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