Gritsenko called on Democrats to unite. So far, only Chumak, who headed his campaign headquarters, has responded.

  • Gritsenko called on Democrats to unite So far only Chumak who headed his campaign headquarters has responded

Kyiv: A member of the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian parliament), leader of the Khvylya civil movement Viktor Chumak announced support for the candidacy of the leader of the Civic Position party Anatoly Gritsenko in the presidential election of 2019.

This was announced on Monday, December 10th, at their joint press conference at the Interfax-Ukraine agency. The video which can be watched here.

Before the journalists took the floor, Viktor Chumak stated:

“Since we have common values, principles, a general assessment of the current situation in the country and what needs to be done to change it for the better, Anatoly Stepanovich and I have decided to combine the efforts of the civil movement“ Khvylya ”and“ Citizens. Let me remind you that when I announced my intention to run for president in the summer, I said that I was ready to support a candidate with a higher rating. Therefore, the decision taken by me and supported by our team to support Gritsenko in the presidential election is entirely logical, ”he said, adding that the social movement he headed was only a week ago  and is registered with the Ministry of Justice as a new political party.

In turn, Anatoly Gritsenko said that it was Viktor Chumak who had already been appointed head of his headquarters for the preparation and conduct of elections.

“This decision was made on Friday at a joint meeting of our headquarters,” he said, refuting the opinion that an alternative figure of another MP, Viktor Baloga, who headed the Presidential Administration at one time during the presidency of Viktor Yushchenko, was also considered last week. .

And although the officially electoral presidential campaign starts on the last day of the year, at a joint press conference of Gritsenko and Chumak, there was a call for the unification of all other potential presidential candidates from democratic forces on a kind of anti-oligarchic and anti-corruption platform, which they had repeatedly voiced before.

“We offer both Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, Andriy Sadovy, and Roman, Nikolai Katerinchuk, and Nikolai Tomenko, the“ Strength of the People ”party and others who share common values, to join efforts and go to the polls, not only to participate, but to win” , - deciphered some personal contacts Anatoly Gritsenko.

Viktor Chumak, speaking of the threats to the country, noted that in addition to the external issues, there are internal issues, such as pseudo-patriotism, which together with corruption and non-professionalism, are pushing the country to the abyss again. According to him, of course, you can consider the Maidan, but holding elections in the present conditions, is a more rational way for positive changes.

The opinion of the Khvili leader was also supported by the leader of the “Civic Position”, drawing attention to the impressive victory of the reformer Pashinyan in yesterday’s parliamentary elections in Armenia.

Considering the question of the Front News International agency, -  as it can interfere with the French president-reformer Macron, street protests were the slogans put forward including excessive populist demands, Anatoly Gritsenko stated:

“Let's wish wisdom and success to the people and the leadership of France, because now there is an extremely important moment in the country, at which it is not difficult to see that with many slogans and the language in which they are voiced, the interests of those forces that are interested in the general destabilization of the situation can be seen in Europe. I think the French will find a solution to their current problems. The only thing I would like to draw attention to is how adequately (against the background of current and recent arsons of cars, attacks on urban infrastructure in France), Ukrainians behaved at one time during our two Maidans, demonstrating civilized forms of protest and resistance to power in defending their values.

Speaking about the need for deoligarchization in the country, Anatoly Gritsenko stated that:

“I have no obligations to anyone, starting or ending with the oligarchs, who would not let me vote for who I want to vote for. And I want to go this way until the day of inauguration, in order to take steps to destroy the monopolies, prevent the influence of the oligarchs on the parliament, the president, or on the decisions of the courts. Oligarchs will not be in the country - there will be a big business that complies with the laws. ”

The journalists were also interested in: what will be the first steps of Gritsenko as president?

Anatoly Gritsenko noted that the first formal steps of any newly elected president should be personnel appointments: the head of the presidential administration, the secretary of the NSDC, the chief of the general staff and intelligence chiefs, plus the head of the National Bank, the prosecutor general, the head of the SBU, the ministers of defense and foreign affairs.

As for their priorities on Bankova, the leader of the “Civic position” noted: “The first personnel appointments, and some of them you will see already during the election campaign, will give people a sense of confidence. These will be professionals who will speak less and report more, which will generate calm and confidence, not hysteria and conflicts, ”he stressed.

Also, a potential contender for the post of the Head of State expressed confidence that in order to boost the economy and strengthen investor confidence in Ukraine, it is necessary to restore the rule of law and ensure the protection of human rights, freedoms and property.

“We are now seeing rampant security forces who rule the economy, arrange gangster fights, as it was on November 28 against us and against others. Instead of quickly investigating high-profile killings, they ensure the safety of our arsenals and warehouses, engage in outdoor activities, and follow me and others. So: I will deprive the influence of the security forces on the economy, they will do what they are supposed to do according to the law. They should also be reoriented to protect the country and the people from the enemy, and not the government from Maidan, ”the politician noted.

In addition, among the top-priority presidential bills, Gritsenko promised to introduce a bill on the impeachment of the president, in order to secure a clear procedure for everyone to remove the president from power.

Viktor Chumak added that in his opinion, the future president should also introduce urgent bills to change the electoral system in Ukraine, the order of formation of the judicial corps and also change the activities of anti-monopoly authorities. 

By the way, at the beginning of autumn, the Sociological Group "Rating" asked Ukrainians the question: "should the democratic opposition to the current government nominate a single candidate for the presidential election" 40% of respondents answered in the affirmative, 20% negatively, and another 40% found it difficult to answer In personal terms, our fellow countrymen who support the idea of ​​a common candidate tend to support the idea of ​​nominating Anatoly Gritsenko, a rock musician and a public figure Svyatoslav Vakarchuk.

During the press conference, Anatoly Gritsenko lamented on the difficulty of appearing on the leading television channels of the country, and speaking about the transparency of his own election campaign, pointing out that the issue of transparency of campaign financing in Ukraine was resolved at the legislative level even more efficiently than in many countries which are considered models of democracy, and even if someone wants to support an election campaign, they simply cannot do it.

“The election campaign actually begins on New Year's Eve. After registration of a presidential candidate, a person is registered who is in charge of finance, an election fund is opened and everything will be transparent there, ”he stressed.

And whether other potential candidates for the presidency of Ukraine in this or another electoral alliance will catch up - time will tell, as well as those from politicians and those who will go to the second round with support at the final stage of the election campaign, on the basis that after the presidential campaign, immediately a less intriguing parliamentary begins.

Alexander Voronin, FNI

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