"Yellow vests" have published their own manifesto

  • Yellow vests have published their own manifesto

Kyiv: Protesters in France, dubbed "yellow vests", published their own manifesto. This is reported by the local media.

It is known that the document posted the site Le Libre Penseur. But if at the beginning the goal of the protests was to reduce fuel prices, now the scale of these 25 points is much wider.

So, in the text there are the following positions:

1. To convene a national assembly for tax reform. Legally prohibit taxes in excess of 25% of the state of a citizen.

2. To increase by 40% the minimum wage, pensions, and the subsistence minimum.

3. Create new jobs in health care, education, public transport, law, and order, etc.

4. Immediately start the construction of 5 million units of affordable housing, thereby ensuring the reduction of rent, mortgage and the creation of jobs in the construction industry. Strictly punish city halls and prefectures that leave homeless in the open.

5. Reduce the size of banks and break bank monopolies. To prohibit banks with investors to engage in stock speculation. Prohibit the rescue of illiquid banks for taxpayers' money.

6. Cancel the domestic debt.

7. With popular support to rewrite the Constitution in the interests of the sovereignty of the people. To legalize general referendums on the popular initiative.

8. Prohibit lobbying and influence schemes. Prohibit persons with a criminal conviction for life to hold elected positions, as well as to ban to hold several elected positions part-time.

9. Exit the European Union and resume the circulation of its own currency.

10. Stop the tax evasion practice. Return 80 billion euros, which 40 largest companies owe to the state.

11. To stop further privatization and return to the state property already privatized property (airports, railways and highways, parking lots).

12. Remove radars and cameras from the roads. They are useless in preventing traffic accidents and are nothing more than a veiled tax.

13. Exclude ideology from the national education system and critically review destructive and discredited teaching methods.

14. In the field of justice - to increase the budget four times. Prescribe in-laws the maximum allowed waiting time for legal procedures. Simplify the judicial system. Make justice free and accessible to all.

15. Smash media monopolies, eradicate nepotism between the media and politicians. Make the media public and guarantee a variety of opinions. To ban editorial propaganda. Stop media subsidies and tax concessions to reporters.

16. To guarantee civil liberties. To prescribe in the constitution a complete ban on state intervention in the affairs of education, health care and the institution of the family.

17. The law requires manufacturers to extend the shelf life to 10 years at least. Require them to have parts available.

18. Prohibit the production and handling of plastic containers and another packaging that litter the environment as soon as possible.

19. Limit the impact of pharmaceutical companies on the health care system. Hold a national convention on health care reform.

20. Prohibit GMOs and pesticides. Prohibit the use of agricultural land without rotation of crops.

21. Re-conduct industrialization in order to abandon imports as causing the greatest harm to the environment.

22. Immediately withdraw from NATO and prohibit the use of French troops in aggressive wars by law.

23. Relations between France and Africa. To stop the policy of robbery, to stop military and political intervention. Give money and property of dictators, dishonestly acquired, to the people of Africa. Immediately return home French troops. Ending the colonial system, which obliges African countries to keep foreign exchange reserves in the central bank of France, which keeps Africa in poverty. Negotiate as equals with equals.

24. Stop the flow of immigrants for whom France has no means of acceptance and integration.

25. In foreign policy - exceptional respect for international law and signed agreements.

We recall that the US President Donald Trump commented on the situation in Paris and called on the authorities to accommodate the demonstrators.

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