Everything was predictable - Vasadze commented on the election results in Armenia

  • Everything was predictable - Vasadze commented on the election results in Armenia

Kyiv: Georgian political scientist Gela Vasadze commented on the results of the early parliamentary elections in Armenia, which were won by the block of Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan My Step with a score of 884.4 thousand votes (70.43%). According to him, the victory of Pashinyan was predicted, and the most interesting result was the passage of the Enlightened Armenia party into the parliament.

He told this to Front News International journalist.

My step (884.4 thousand votes or 70.43%)

“Despite the fact that the elections in Armenia were quite predictable, their result is quite interesting, as it shows the evolution of the Armenian society, which in general took place in this incomplete year. Pashinyan’s victory was predicted. Pashinyan is not a political force, and not a political party, this is the leader of the revolution, which for the first time in the modern history of Armenia has become the national leader,” he said.

Enlightened Armenia (6.37%)

According to the expert, the success of the political power of Enlightened Armenia was interesting at the elections, as there are those politicians who were in their time with Pashinyan in the Yelk block in the last parliament but did not support the revolution at the most important moment.

“For Enlightened Armenia, the creative class basically voted, people who really want change, and Pashinyan is nothing more than the desire of parliamentary society to change, but who are not ready to go along with the crowd. These are such intelligent individualists who always want to distance themselves from the crowd and be separate, have their own point of view and have the opportunity to criticize, and Pashinyan was not against having such opposition,” added Vasadze.

“Prosperous Armenia” - billionaire Gagik Tsarukyan (103.8 thousand votes or 8.37%)

“The success of the Prosperous Armenia party can be explained as follows: 'loot wins' because it is all about money. Naturally, Tsarukyan’s enormous financial resource by Armenian standards played a role for his party to come in second place. Tsarukyan does not need power, Tsarukyan needs a seat in parliament to protect his business interests. And he got it and carried out his political task,” said the political scientist.

Republican Party - Ex-President Sargasyan (59 thousand votes, or 4.7%)

“As for the Republican Party.  4.7% is not much at all up to 5%. Here, vague doubts begin to torment me, because for Pashinyan, not passing the Republican party was a matter of honor,” said the expert.

We recall that the extraordinary parliamentary elections should finally complete a complete change of power in Armenia.

They were appointed after Nikol Pashinyan, a 43-year-old newspaper editor who became an opposition politician, resigned in October in order to hold early elections in the country.

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