Elections in Armenia 2018: Results

  • Elections in Armenia 2018 Results

Kyiv: October 9, the first early parliamentary elections were held in Armenia, the turnout was 48.63%. Block of Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan leads the pack.

The Civil Contract party of Nikol Pashinyan won 70.43% in the elections in Armenia. Also, the Prosperous Armenia Party 8.2.2% and Lusavor Hayastan 6.37% won the parliament. RPA could not overcome the five percent barrier gaining only 4.7%.

Further, the votes were distributed as follows:

ARF Dashnaktsutyun - 3.93% (46184),

block We - 2.02% (23724),

Sasna Tsrer - 1.79% (21045),

Orinats Yerkir - 1% (11789),

Citizen’s Decision - 0.67% (7853),

Christian-national revival - 0.51% (5983),

National Progress - 0.33% (3862).

To enter the parliament, the parties needed to get at least 5% of the votes, and the blocks - no less than 7%.

Tigran Mukuchyan, head of the Armenian CEC, said that 504 people had remotely voted. Of these, 393 people voted for the My Step block. Civil servants sent abroad, including employees of diplomatic missions of Armenia, could vote remotely.

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Extraordinary parliamentary elections began in Armenia