Hungarians protest against the new law

  • Hungarians protest against the new law

Kyiv: In Budapest, thousands of Hungarians protested against the proposed new labor law, which critics call "slavery". Trade unions and their supporters gathered under flags that read signs such as: “We are protesting against slave law” and “Make your mother work overtime,” the local media reported.

Changes to the labor code presented to parliament this week faced intense criticism, which led to the largest street protest this year.

“The police blocked the main square near the parliament, where the protesters planned to go first. Therefore, they occupied the main street leading to the Parliament, ”the message reads.

Potentially, innovations can turn up for the Hungarians by two additional working hours to the average working day.

According to the proposed bill, employers are guaranteed additional overtime of 250 hours per year for each employee. As for the rest of the hours, they will have to get the consent of the workers.

In the party of Prime Minister Viktor Mihály Orbán, they say that the work week in Hungary will continue to be as a rule of five to eight hours per day, and workers will be paid for any overtime.

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