Manafort lied to the investigation about cooperation with the team of Trump and Konstantin Kilimnik

  • Manafort lied to the investigation about cooperation with the team of Trump and Konstantin Kilimnik

Kyiv: Former chairman of Donald Trump's campaign, Paul Manafort, lied to the investigation about his collaboration with the team of the American president and the head of his Kyiv office, Konstantin Kilimnik, who linked the man with representatives of Viktor Yanukovych. This is reported by the local media.

“Manafort obviously lied several times and there were no random gaps in the memory,” the memo says, which was conveyed to the judge by representatives of the prosecutor.

It is known that we are talking about the meetings that took place between Manafort and Kilimnik even after the former finished work in Ukraine.

“During the three months of 2016, when the ex-adviser to Yanukovych headed Trump’s campaign headquarters, he conducted electronic correspondence with Kilimnik. In particular, about the possibility of obtaining financial benefits due to his stay at the time in a key position at Trump's headquarter,” the media reported.

It is also reported that Kilimnik himself came to America to meet with Manafort. They both tried to convince the two witnesses to lie and reduce the scope of the work of Manafort in Ukraine.

In addition, according to investigators, Paul Manafort provided false information that he did not have “direct or indirect ties” with representatives of the administration of the American president when he was still in government.

“According to the prosecution, such communication took place in February 2018, when the political consultant was already under investigation. With whom exactly and about what Manafort communicated, prosecutors did not specify. He also gave 'conflicting testimony' regarding the source of receiving $125,000 to his company’s account in 2017,” media said.

We recall that Amy Berman Jackson, a federal judge for the District of Columbia, said that to Paul Manafort a sentence would be imposed in early March 2019.

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