Poland has planned to break gas relations with Russia

  • Poland has planned to break gas relations with Russia

Kyiv: Poland, which has been in gas relations with Russia for 74 years, may withdraw from this union. About this in one of his interviews said an official in the field of energy structure Piotr Naimsky.

It is known that Poland, which relies on approximately by two-thirds of its gas on controlled by the Kremlin’s Gazprom, says that diversification outweighs the potential price cuts that it could use, creating an import line to access Norwegian fuel. This happened after the East European nation completed the construction of a terminal for liquefied natural gas in 2016 in order to diversify its market from Russian gas, which they have been buying since 1944.

“We do not diversify our deliveries in order to continue cooperation with Russia. This is a security issue, and the Baltic Pipe is not part of the negotiations with Gazprom, the official said.

It is known that the initiators of the non-renewal of the long-term contract, which was supposed to end in 2022, were the representatives of the ruling party Law and Justice. To do this, the state-controlled gas distributor PGNiG SA had to revive the Project Link to Norway, which was first discussed 20 years ago.

“If we want to extend the contract with Gazprom, we will need to begin negotiations in December 2019, but by that time we will be confident that the Baltic Pipeline will be built. At the same time, Poland is ready for any kind of risk of supply during the transition period,” Naimsky added.

We recall that in Poland they said they were ready to support the introduction of new sanctions against Russia because of the aggression against Ukraine at the Sea of Azov.

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