It is already necessary to begin negotiations on Ukraine’s membership in NATO, - Polish MEP

  • It is already necessary to begin negotiations on Ukraines membership in NATO - Polish MEP

Warsaw: The representative of Poland in the European Parliament, Michal Boni, expressed the opinion that it is worthwhile to move from a verbal reaction to Russia's aggression to a practical one. In particular, he proposed to accept Ukraine into NATO. He spoke about this during an interview with Ukrainian journalists.

"I believe that the moment has come when, after the final determination of the direction of North Atlantic integration by Kyiv, NATO must clearly declare what it has just said: it is necessary to begin substantive talks on Ukraine's membership in NATO," Boni noted.

He stressed that this should be done, regardless of any obstacles. He also added that the position of Hungary, which is blocking the negotiations between NATO and Ukraine, is wrong and dishonest.

"Budapest for some reasons, forgets that this ethnic Hungarians live in Ukraine, where there are some principles, the state language is functioning," the European Parliamentarian stressed.

In his conviction, the moment has come when it is necessary to recognize that Ukraine is protecting its own borders and thus also protecting the Polish border, and Russia should limit itself in its aggressive actions.

“The only way to stop the aggression of Russia is to provide Ukraine with the “ green light ” in the matter of joining NATO,” the Polish politician concluded.

Recall, Ukraine and Georgia will continue to move forward with partners on the NATO-Ukraine-Georgia track, in particular, to enhance security in the Black Sea. NATO already has an effective partnership mechanism in the Baltic Sea.

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