Joint declaration agreed at the G20 Leaders Summit

  • Joint declaration agreed at the G20 Leaders Summit

Buenos Aires: The leaders of the countries and global organizations that participated in the G-20 summit in Argentina agreed on a joint declaration that covers the areas and prerequisites for development and global economic growth.

“10 years have passed since the first G20 summit, we held a meeting in Buenos Aires (Argentina) from November 30 to December 1, 2018 to reach a common denominator on equitable and sustainable development with a comprehensive people-centered future program,” - this was stated in the declaration.

The G-20 leaders marked a desire to work together to support and develop the international order, responding to a rapidly changing world. The document referred to the goals aimed at achieving important economic opportunities for improving living standards.

The document also focuses on climate change that is occurring. The document emphasizes the need to reform the WTO in order to improve its functioning in the new environment.

The declaration covers the problems of migration and defines them as having a global character, which necessitates special attention to the growing problem.

Recall that on the eve of the G20 summit in the capital of Argentina, there was a noticeable split between the participants on how to respond to Russia's aggressive moves against Ukraine related to the attack on Ukrainian ships.

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