Political scientist Karasev about Putin’s conversation with Merkel: “Putin will not affect Russia, but Ukraine”

  • Political scientist Karasev about Putins conversation with Merkel Putin will not affect Russia but Ukraine

Kyiv: A telephone conversation between Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel made one thing clear: Putin thus wants to influence not Russia, but Ukraine in the matter of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in the Sea of Azov. This was announced by Ukrainian political scientist Vadim Karasev told Front News International.

“Putin can influence if he acts more carefully and carefully. This will affect not the actions of Russia, but the actions of Ukraine,” he said.

The political scientist also added that the information that was made public in the material of the Uryadovyi courier about the imposition of martial law for 60 days, and not 30 days, as Petro Poroshenko stated, is a typo.

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