Filaret Denisenko: “An autocephaly is a political tool. The sacrament of communion in autocephalists' churches void "

  • Filaret Denisenko An autocephaly is a political tool The sacrament of communion in autocephalists churches void

Kyiv: The sins of those priests who contributed to obtaining autocephaly cannot be released, and the sacrament of communion in their churches, cathedrals is invalid. On November 4, 1990, the so-called Patriarch of Kyiv and All Russia Denisenko (“Filaret”) (at that time still the Metropolitan of Kyiv and Galitsky) stated this during his sermon in the Florovsky Monastery of the city of Kyiv.

“There, at autocephalists, shriving cannot be done, because the layperson cannot do this, only the priest or the bishop. The sacrament of communion is also invalid. This is not the Body and Blood of the Savior, but simple bread and wine, so no one should be tempted by this autocephaly, and in general, this church is not created to save human souls, but to fight and be a political tool against Moscow.”

It is worth noting that Denisenko said this exactly two years before he personally established autocephaly. And here we are faced with a kind of contradiction, the dissonance of its kind. And the question arises. Does his autocephalous, non-canonical church, the so-called “Kyiv Patriarchate,” have no power, no rights, and no power? Are thousands of people who think that they come to a living church remain deceived?

In this case, anyone who wants to become a kind of “messiah” for society, as Denisenko did in this case, can announce the autocephalization of the church and be a “savior” for the whole society. Only worth emphasizing the fact that in the future society itself will save this "rescuer", and not the other way around.

Back in 1919, when UPA Chairman Simon Petlyura announced the UOC autocephaly, he immediately made it clear to believers and parishioners of the Church why the autocephaly is needed.

“We need a church that we could use at a certain time to fight with Moscow. This is why this autocephalization of the church is needed,” he said.

That's all, if earlier we used to say “werewolves in epaulets”, now we have a new, more believable name “werewolves in cassocks”.

Ivan Rosada, FNI

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