"Opposition bloc" remains in the past, we now move on - Boyko

  • Opposition bloc remains in the past we now move on - Boyko

Kyiv: Yuriy Boyko commented on his withdrawal from the Opposition Bloc faction. He said this during an interview on one of the channels.

“We are creating the parliamentary group Opposition Platform - For Life.” The “opposition bloc” is in the past; now we move forward, uniting the entire opposition. And such a parliamentary group will be created in the parliament in the near future, ” Boyko made this announcement.

Earlier, it was reported that on November 9, Yury Boyko and Vadim Rabinovich signed an agreement on the creation of the For Life party. Subsequently, Vadim Novinsky, a Deputy from the Opposition Party, said that no one had provided Boyk with such powers.

Recall that members of the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament) Yuriy Boyko and Sergey Levochkin were expelled from the faction of the political party Opposition Bloc.

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