US Senators are suing Trump

  • US Senators are suing Trump

Kyiv: In the United States, three Senate Democrats filed a lawsuit challenging President Donald Trump’s decision to appoint Matthew Whitaker Acting Minister of Justice, the local media reported.

“Senators claim that Trump violated the US Constitution by refusing the Senate the right to approve this nominee. A lawsuit in Washington was filed by Senators Richard Blumenthal, Sheldon Whitehouse, and Mazie Hirono. Senators are asking the court to cancel this appointment,” the report says.

US President Donald Trump appointed Matthew Whitaker Acting Minister of Justice on November 7 after dismissing Jeff Sessions.

Trump has repeatedly criticized Sessions for his disengagement from controlling the so-called “Russian investigation”, which is led by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

The investigation of Mueller led to the initiation of criminal cases against dozens of people, including with the former head of the election campaign of Trump Paul Manafort and the former adviser to Trump on national security issues Michael Flynn. Whitaker has repeatedly criticized Mueller’s investigation.

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