NASA begins developing a new supersonic plane

  • NASA begins developing a new supersonic plane

Washington: NASA's space agency decided to make a revolutionary step in aviation and began developing the X-59 QueSST supersonic jet aircraft. This is reported by the American media.

“The start of production marks a big step forward for the X-59 and a future for quiet supersonic commercial travel,” said Peter Josephides, program manager for Low Boom Flight Lockered Martin Skunk Works.

According to the developers, the secret of the aircraft's ability to reduce noise is its unique structure, designed so that supersonic shock waves do not accumulate in powerful sound waves. In America, the experimental project managed to christen the "son of Concord".

The new NASA aircraft will be built in conjunction with the aerospace company Lockheed Martin. A contract worth $ 247.5 million has already been signed. The serial release plan to adjust to the end of 2021.

NASA will publicly test a prototype in Texas in November 2018 to test its noiselessness when it crosses the sound barrier. Then, additional test flights over other US cities will be conducted and data from the ground will be analyzed.

It should be noted that the creation of such an aircraft would reduce the cost of supersonic flights, since the speed of its predecessor, the French “Concorde”, was limited to ground routes due to the influence of destructive sound waves.

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