Patriarch Bartholomew: Servant of Catholics or Sponsor of the Church of Satan? Anathema for Filaret

  • Patriarch Bartholomew Servant of Catholics or Sponsor of the Church of Satan Anathema for Filaret

Kyiv: Many statements and documents of Patriarch Bartholomew indicate that since 1992 he considered Philaret and others to be schismatics, but suddenly he changes the whole story. He removes the anathema from Denisenko, recognizes the annexation of the Kyiv Metropolis of the Russian Orthodox Church in 1686 as illegal and continues to work to provide autocephaly to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Why is that? Many suspect him of excessive love for Rome and the Catholics. Does he make these decisions on his own and why did he go to the director of Coca Cola, Muhtar Kent, who was the leader and sponsor of the American Church of Satan?

Bartholomew began his career as an officer in the Turkish army. Later he studied at the Pontifical Oriental Institute in Rome, then in Switzerland and the University of Munich. Upon graduation, he became a lecturer at the Pontifical Gregorian University. He defended his doctoral thesis at the university under the papal protectorate. Importantly, the topic of the dissertation was the importance of canon law. Only in 1969, Patriarch Athenagoras I was ordained,  Patriarch Dmitry, in 1973 became a bishop. Athenagoras, Dmitry - were " always Catholics."

Frequent meetings of Bartholomew with the Popes, representatives of the synagogue, and even a meeting with the leader of the Church of Satan in the USA became the reason for the people to be overly suspicious of Bartholomew’s love for Rome, its ambiguity in faith and heresy accusations

“It was a joy for us to visit this blessed synagogue. It is more than a mere formality. Pope Benedict XVI has already visited this synagogue before us, now we have come, and tomorrow, we will visit our dear and beloved friend, Muhtar Kent, ”Bartholomew during a visit to the synagogue stated this. 

Ahmet Muhtar Kent is the director of Coca Cola, the leader and sponsor of the Church of Satan in the United States.

“He is our good friend. We will serve by hand not only in prayer, but also in mutual solidarity, ”Bartholomew describes the satanic leader.

Bartholomew always said that no patriarch of Kyiv exists and will not exist. Most likely, the Patriarch of Constantinople used the methodology of Catholic theology. It is based on the principles of reservation, thanks to which all promises, oaths and utterances must lose their moral obligation.

On August 26, 1992, Bartholomew declared that the Holy Great Church of Christ recognizes only the fullness of the Most Holy Russian Church, and now only tries to destroy the united Church led by His Beatitude Onufriy.

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