Trump is ready to withdraw from the rocket treaty

  • Trump is ready to withdraw from the rocket treaty

Paris: The administration of US President Donald Trump is ready to discuss with NATO partners the possibility of withdrawing from a joint arms control treaty with Russia.

This was reported by French officials after the completion of negotiations between the presidents of the United States and France on November 10 in Paris.

“We are talking, particularly, about the treaty on the elimination of medium-range and shorter-range missiles (INF), marked in 1987 by the end of the Cold War between the USSR and the USA,” officials stated.

Also, Trump's national security adviser John Bolton told reporters in Paris that the United States "is very close to discussing" the treaty problem with its allies and "is very optimistic about a common position."

Earlier it was reported that the US is preparing regular sanctions for Russia for non-compliance with the agreement on the prohibition of chemical weapons.

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