80 years of "Crystal Night". Germany remembers victims of anti-Semitism

  • 80 years of Crystal Night Germany remembers victims of anti-Semitism

Berlin: These days in Germany they celebrate not only the 29th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the 100th anniversary of the collapse of the German Empire, the transition to the republic and the end of the First World War, but also the 80th anniversary of the pogroms that went down in history as the “Crystal Night” ". President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier, on Friday, November 9, spoke in the Bundestag at the Ceremonial Day of the Germans ceremony, and Chancellor Angela Merkel visited the synagogue on the Rikestrasse in Berlin and spoke to the Jewish community there.

According to DW , in his speech, Steinmeier warned the world, Europe and the Germans against new, aggressive nationalism.

“Nationalism appeals to the“ good old world ”, which never existed in such a form. Unlike nationalism, enlightened and democratic patriotism is a constant incentive to make the world a better place, ” the president of the country said.

Steinmeier recalled that “the Jewish pogroms, organized on the night of November 9-10, 1938, became an incomparable civilizational divide, the fall of Germany into barbarism. And today, honoring the memory of the victims of national socialism, we are aware of our responsibility, which has no statute of limitations, ”he said.

Frank-Walter Steinmeier recalled the other historical events that took place on November 9: the proclamation of the republic in 1918 and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. According to him, men and women who took to the streets in autumn 1989 in Leipzig, East Berlin and Dresden, paved the way for the reunification of the country.

“Without a peaceful revolution, without courage and the will to freedom, the happiest time of November 9th in our history would never have happened,” the president of the country stated this. 

 According to the president, “Germans can be proud of the traditions of freedom and democracy, while not forgetting about the horrors of the Holocaust. We will never weaken the fight against anti-Semitism, ”the German Wave quotes the words of the head of state.

The Reuters agency informs its subscribers about the visit by the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, to the synagogue on the Rijkstrasse in Berlin, where she spoke before the Jewish community.

Dressed all in black ,  Merkel had to admit to Jewish leaders that “despite the flourishing of Jewish cultural life in Germany, we also see alarming antiSemitism that threatens Jewish life in our country ".

The agency also notes that the ceremony of commemorating the victims of pogroms 80-shadows-old also took place in neighboring Austria, despite the fact that " The Government of Austria for decades represented, victims of the Nazis, and preferably not stressed, attention of contemporaries on the facts of the cooperation of Austrians with the Nazis and their involvement in the crimes of the 30s-40s, including the Holocaust. "

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