Klimkin announced new US sanctions against Russia

  • Klimkin announced new US sanctions against Russia

Kyiv: Pavlo Klimkin announced new US sanctions against Russia, which will concern those who have something to do with the elections scheduled for November 11 in the occupied parts of Donetsk and Luhansk. The Foreign Minister spoke about this during a meeting with journalists.

“There will certainly be sanctions against those who lead the organization of these 'elections' and who will be 'elected'. As you know, we just discussed this with Johannes Hahn. This will be a special item on the agenda of the Council of Ministers at the level of foreign ministers on Monday and Tuesday to discuss these events. Measures will be taken, but of course, I cannot speak for the European Union in advance, but actions, not only political statements, will be coordinated,” Klimkin stressed.

The Foreign Minister assured that the only type of dialogue perceived by the Kremlin is a force. Therefore, "political statements are important, solidarity is important, but the action is the most important".

Klimkin believes that the sanctions that the United States yesterday imposed on several individuals and companies in the territory of the Russian Federation are a good argument that the international community is responding to the excesses of Russia. Now it is only important to preserve unity and consistency, the minister adds, so that further pressure on the aggressor will have complied with all the standards of international law.

We recall that Kurt Volker said that the new sanctions that the United States imposed on Russia will indicate that the country is indeed the occupier of the territory of the Crimea peninsula.

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