In Ukraine, the price changed for customs clearance on cars with euro-meters

  • In Ukraine the price changed for customs clearance on cars with euro-meters

Kyiv: Parliamentarians adopted amendments to the Tax Code regarding the taxation of passenger cars. According to the new law, the introduction of a simplified system of customs clearance and cars with European numbers was proposed.

“Adoption of the draft law will introduce a new model of excise taxation of passenger vehicles. This will reduce the cost of new vehicles, create legal and economic conditions for registration of cars with foreign registration previously imported into the customs territory of Ukraine, and as a result, will reduce the level of social tension on this issue”, - the document reads.

Thus, according to the revision made in the second reading , the base rate for large cars has been increased: on a gasoline engine - from 50 euros to 100 euros, on a diesel engine - from 75 euros to 150 euros.

In addition, during the first 90 days, it was proposed to introduce preferential customs clearance according to a new formula of 50%. Due to this, the cost of customs clearance of cars will be only 50% of the calculated by the new formula.

It is worth noting that, in accordance with the proposals of the bill, a new formula will be applied for customs clearance of cars with euro- metersSo, the base rate will be taken at the rate of 50 euros for cars on a gasoline engine and 75 euros for cars on a diesel engine.

To calculate the excise, this amount will need to be multiplied by the number of years from the year following the production of the machine and by the engine volume ratio (engine size in cubic centimeters divided by 1000).

Recall, on November 7, in the center of Kyiv, a rally of owners of the so-called “Eurogames” took place, as a result of which a significant part of the city center experienced a traffic jam.

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