North Korea canceled a meeting in the US

  • North Korea canceled a meeting in the US

Pyongyang: North Korean high-ranking official Kim Yeong-cheol will not meet with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo this week. This was reported by DPRK Foreign Minister Kang Kyong-ae.

“Pyongyang notified Washington about the cancellation of the meeting, during which the parties were to discuss the implementation of the agreements reached during the Singapore Summit,” she said.

Kang noted that during the meeting Kim Yeong-cheol and Mike Pompeo should have considered the steps of denuclearizing North Korea.

It is added that the President of the United States announced that a new date for the meeting between Pompeo and Yeong-cheol would soon be elected.

“The States are not in a hurry with this question yet,” he said.

Now the official reason for canceling the DPRK-US meeting is not mentioned, but according to the US State Department spokesman Robert Palladino, it was canceled due to a change in the working schedules of the parties.

As reported, US President Donald Trump said he plans to meet with DPRK leader Kim Jong-un in early 2019.

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