Shooting in Sweden: 7 people injured, 12 detained

  • Shooting in Sweden 7 people injured 12 detained

Kyiv: As a result of the shooting, not far from the city of Gothenburg, in Sweden, seven people were injured, 12 suspects were arrested. Among the detainees - members of the biker gang. This was reported by AFP.

“The shooting took place near one of the entertainment venues where the party was held. Police said members of the biker gang were involved in the shooting. The causes of the incident are not yet known, ”the report says.

It was added that among the detainees and the wounded are members of the biker group Hells Angels.

Recall that this is not the first case where representatives of Hells Angels participate in armed conflicts. Earlier, more than 400 Portuguese police officers, including the anti-terrorism unit, detained several dozen Hells Angels bikers during their raids on homes and towns across the country.

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