Hollywood stars urge not to ignore midterm elections

  • Hollywood stars urge not to ignore midterm elections

Kyiv: Some of the most famous stars of Hollywood, Di Caprio and Brad Pitt called on Americans not to ignore the mid-term elections. This is reported by the local media.

“A lot is at stake. The upcoming elections will indirectly affect weapons safety laws, immigration policies, water and air protection, and access to health care for millions of people. All these races and election campaigns are a chance to decide on the direction of the country,” said Di Caprio in a video message.

It is known that this video message stars published to urge Americans to take part in the elections to be held next week. Stars also called not only to give their vote, but also to encourage their loved ones to do so. No one should stay away.

“From now on, and on Election Day, a lot can be done to encourage voter turnout, from sms and calls to a knock at the door,” the actor added.

We recall that according to polls conducted in the States, before the mid-term elections to the US Congress, 50% of voters give their preference to the democratic majority and 41% for Republicans.

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