Austria refused to sign the global migration pact

  • Austria refused to sign the global migration pact

Kyiv: Representatives of the Austrian government will follow the lead of the United States and Hungary, and will not sign the global migration pact. This was announced by the Federal Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz.

“We decided that we would not sign this agreement. We are not planning to send a representative to Morocco, so we will not participate in UN voting either,” Kurtz told reporters during a conversation on one of the radio stations.

According to Kurtz, the Austrian government believes that this could erase the visible line between legal and illegal migration.

It is known that the Global Pact for safe, orderly and regular migration was adopted back in July of this year. But the official signing ceremony is scheduled for December, and it will happen in Morocco.

As already noted, the States and Hungary did not support this treaty and refused to participate in the upcoming voting.

We recall that Trump called the illegal immigrants "criminals" who should be deported.

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