The likely result - An expert spoke about the first round of elections in Georgia, and who will win in the second round

  • The likely result - An expert spoke about the first round of elections in Georgia and who will win in the second round

Kyiv: Georgian political analyst Gela Vasadze commented on the first round of the presidential elections in Georgia and spoke about who has more chances to win in the second round. According to him, the passage of Salome Zurabishvili and Grigol Vashadze to the second round was obvious, and the result of the second will depend on how much the Vashadze team retains the balance of interests between the political forces that are part of the united opposition.

He stated this in a commentary on Front News International.

“The result of the first round was likely. No one could have imagined that three people: George Vashadze, who is the Chief of the Opposition Headquarters, Vitaly Shklyarov, the chief opposition political consultant and Nika Gvarami and the Director General of Rustavi-2, will be able to create a huge advantage in the administrative financial resource, ”he stated.

As for the second round, Vasadze said that it was Grigol Vashadze who had the advantage, not Salome Zurabishvili. According to him, this is facilitated by the “wise decision” of the candidate from the party “European Georgia” David Bakradze. We are talking about the union of opposition parties and their support for Vashadze in the second round of the presidential election.

“Of course, Psychologically and electorally, the advantage is with Vashadze. But at the same time, the authorities can also expect various surprises, ”the expert added.

The Georgian political analyst also noted that “the political factor of Mikhail Nikolaevich Saakashvili is in the election of Vashadze.”

“If elected, Vashadze will surely sign a pardon for Saakashvili and send him back to the political life of Georgia. And this will fundamentally change the entire political field, ”he stressed.

The second round of the presidential election in Georgia will take place two weeks after the announcement of the final results of the voting. According to the sites, Salome Zurabishvili received 38.63% support, and Grigol Vashadze - 37.74%.

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