Election of the Georgian President in Kyiv

  • Election of the Georgian President in Kyiv

Kyiv: October 28 is the long-awaited presidential election in Georgia. In Ukraine, a polling station opened in the territory of the Georgian Embassy in Kyiv, in which Georgian citizens can vote for their candidate.

At the embassy of Georgia, at 25, Taras Shevchenko Boulevard, in Kyiv, polling station No. 44 began its work at 8 am. As of 10 am, Front News International journalists did not notice increased activity. But despite this, the station was equipped with a sufficient number of guards, and the patrol police of the city of Kiev also stood outside the embassy.


FNI journalists managed to talk with the Head of the election commission Marina Donadze. According to her, as of 10.30 am, about 35 voters arrived at the polling station. Expected turnout is 2355 people. The head did not participate in the last presidential elections, but according to Marina, the last elections were also held at the Georgian embassy. People can come to the polling station and vote until 8 in the evening.

The FNI editors could not help asking the current head of the election commission about changes in the election structure. Namely, that this is the last election when the citizens of Georgia themselves elect a president. According to the current Constitution of Georgia, which was adopted in 2017, 300 members of the Electoral College will vote in the subsequent elections.

“I want it to be easier for people so that people can participate in elections. If an easy electoral process is reached, I am in favor of such a change,” said Marina Donadze, head of the election commission.

Earlier it was reported that the independent presidential candidate Salome Zurabishvili, which was supported by the ruling party "Georgian Dream", has already made her choice.

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