Merkel: "The decision on Syria cannot be achieved by military methods"

  • Merkel The decision on Syria cannot be achieved by military methods

Istanbul: German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that a common decision on Syria can be achieved only by political means. She said this during a joint press conference on the conclusion of a four-party summit on Syria in Istanbul.

“A common solution can be achieved not by military methods, but only by political ones under the aegis of the UN. Today, we have committed ourselves to do everything so that a long-term truce regime emerges from this agreement, ”she stated.

Merkel also added that the summit was extremely productive and rewarding.

“The Istanbul Summit was very productive. Maybe we had different approaches, but on the other hand, the final statement shows that we have common interests, ”Merkel noted.

When asked about the murdered Saudi journalist Khashoggi, Merkel said that Germany, in turn, "will not sell weapons to Saudi Arabia."

“Germany in connection with this crime will not sell weapons to Saudi Arabia. The EU can take a collective decision to stop selling arms to Riyadh, ”the chancellor added.

Recall that on November 1, Angela Merkel will meet with Petro Poroshenko in Kyiv, Volodymyr Groysman, Ukrainian Deputies and students.

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