Defeat # 2: According to polls, the Merkel bloc in Hesse will not receive a parliamentary majority

  • Defeat 2 According to polls the Merkel bloc in Hesse will not receive a parliamentary majority

Kyiv: According to German media polls, in elections in the federal state of Hesse (Germany), the block of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU/CSU) falls in ratings, the Greens got close and, like in Bavaria, the block has a very small probability of getting a parliamentary majority.

Elections will be held this Sunday - October 28th.

In a representative online survey of the Civey Institute for SPIEGEL, the support of the people of the Christian Democrats is only 27 percent. In the 2013 elections, the Merkel bloc received 38.3 percent. Greens, compared with 2013, receive a greater percentage of the vote. The FDP and the left, in turn, are stable - they, like in 2013, are crossing the five percent barrier. Right-wing populists make up 13 percent.

(Chart info: CDU + SPD - Merkel block, Grune - Green Party, Linke - Left Party, AfD - Right Populists, Sonstige - Other Parties).

If voters vote the same way on Sunday, the situation with Bavaria will repeat - the chancellor’s block will not receive a majority and will have to negotiate with the Greens.

Earlier it was reported that the bloc of German Chancellor Angela Merkel consisting of the parties of the Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Social Union lost the election in Bavaria and could not, as before, to gain a parliamentary majority.

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