Groysman: “I want to be a man who brings positive changes to the state”

  • Groysman I want to be a man who brings positive changes to the state

Kyiv: Prime Minister of Ukraine - Volodymyr Groysman, on October 22, spoke at the Sophia Kyivskaya Young Leaders Forum.

At the beginning of his speech, Groysman drew the attention of the audience to the fact that Ukraine “faced unprecedented challenges: Russian aggression, internal instability, a weak economy and corruption. Everything needed to be rebuilt. And we did it. This is the creation of a new state. ”

Speaking about the fruits of his work, Groysman mentioned that “I made the decision for myself. I want to be a person who, working in power, will bring positive changes to the state. ”Also, the prime minister reported on his work, namely, on health care reform, announcing that 20 million Ukrainians have already signed contracts with doctors, so they receive a new quality of services, and more than 20 thousand doctors already receive salaries 2-3 times more. Nor could a politician forget about decentralization, which, according to him, fills local budgets with resources, builds an anti-corruption vertical. "Over two years, more than 700 regulatory acts were cancelled that created great barriers to business development."

The Prime Minister finished his speech, and stated how proud he his of the Ukrainian project - Ukraine NOW, saying that "the Ukraine NOW brand has already begun to live its own life and it has begun to develop and popularize Ukraine."

Earlier it was reported that the Prime Minister of Ukraine - Volodymyr Groysman, opened the Kyiv Economic Forum, talking about new technological developments of Ukraine.

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Groysman: “We are fighting corruption”