Raid in the Opel: searches in connection with a diesel scandal

  • Raid in the Opel searches in connection with a diesel scandal

Berlin: The offices of the German carmaker Opel in Rüsselsheim and Kaiserslautern were searched in connection with suspicion of vehicle emission levels manipulations.

It is reported by the online version of the newspaper Bild on Monday, October 15.

According to her, the concern is suspected of selling diesel cars with manipulated software.

According to Bild, it is supposedly about 95,000 cars of Insignia, Zafira and Cascada models, released in 2012, 2014 and 2017.

The Office of Criminal Cases of the State of Hesse and Opel themselves confirmed that searches were carried out without revealing details. The concern also assured that it fully cooperates with the investigation, and its vehicles comply with the applicable regulations.

Earlier, namely in 2015, the US authorities found out that the German concern Volkswagen had deliberately underestimated data on the content of harmful substances in the exhaust gases of diesel engines. The former and current leaders of VW and its subsidiaries Audi and Porsche are already in the field of view of the German law enforcement agencies investigating this scandal.

As analysts of the car market noted last year, in connection with the launch of mass production of Tesla Model 3 and competing models from global automakers, electric cars will start to push with acceleration diesel and gasoline cars out of the market.

Also in August last year, it was reported that according to European media reports, the auto concern Fiat-Chrysler is considering the possibility of selling its premium brands of petrol cars Maserati and Alfa-Romeo.

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