Leaders of Poland and Slovakia oppose the project Nord Stream 2

  • Leaders of Poland and Slovakia oppose the project Nord Stream 2

Kyiv : During the meeting of the presidents of the Visegrad countries - Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary, Polish President Andrzej Duda noted that the construction of the second branch of the Northern gas pipeline, which should connect Russia with Germany, is taking place against the interests of some European Union countries.

"Polish Radio" reported this .

“We clearly see that this project is not of a business nature, it has a political character; in fact, it is harmful to the European Union. Not only because it will lead to the threat of energy security, above all, to our part of Europe and Ukraine, but also because it will lead to the domination of one supplier over the entire market of the European Union. We believe that from this point of view, for the interests of the entire EU, it only hurts, ”he stressed.

In turn, the President of Slovakia Andrei Kiska noted that European countries should strive to diversify their energy supply.

“We need different sources of gas. We cannot depend on one country. We have been talking about this for many years. There are also new projects. Therefore, I don’t know why we should have a project that will further increase dependence on Russian gas, ”he said.

Polish President Duda said that the entire Visegrad Group was against the Nord Stream 2 project, but the leaders of the Czech Republic and Hungary did not want to comment on this topic.

Also, Presidents Andrzej Duda and Andrei Kiska supported the continuation of EU sanctions against Russia.

Recall, the company Nord Stream 2 announced the laying of the gas pipeline "Nord Stream-2" bypassing Denmark, which did not allow the construction of a gas pipeline on its territory.

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