American pastor was released from house arrest

  • American pastor was released from house arrest

Kyiv: American pastor Andrew Brunson was released from house arrest by a court in the western province of Izmir, Turkey.

Brunson was arrested over alleged links with political groups after a failed coup attempt in 2016 in a case that violated US-Turkish relations. He denied espionage charges, which could lead to a 35-year prison sentence.

Mr. Branson is a long-term resident of Turkey. He lived with his wife and three children, working as a pastor in the small Izmir Church of the Resurrection, in which there were about two dozen people.

The authorities accuse him of having links with the banned Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) and the Goulenists movement, which Turkey blames for the 2016 unsuccessful coup.

Earlier it was reported that it was the Turkish court, and not the politicians, who would decide the fate of the American pastor, whose detention on charges of committing terrorism initiated the negative relations between Ankara and Washington.

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In the United States they agreed to release Pastor Brunson