In the United States they agreed to release Pastor Brunson

  • In the United States they agreed to release Pastor Brunson

Kyiv: The White House administration hopes that the American pastor convicted in Turkey, Andrew Brunson, will be released after the next court hearing. However, the US State Department stated that they knew nothing about any agreements between the United States and Turkey regarding Pastor Brunson, the source reports.

The US Vice President Mike Pence, speaking at the briefing, could not confirm the adoption of any agreements, but expressed hope for the release of convicted Brunson in the near future.

“We still hope that tomorrow, after the trial of Andrew Brunson, a good person who is in no way guilty will return home in the United States to his family and the Church,” he said.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu. The main issue on the agenda was the release of the American pastor Andrew Brunson, who was accused of terrorism. Andrew Brunson was in prison for 21 months, until he was placed under house arrest.

Earlier it was reported that relations between NATO allies began to deteriorate after the arrest of Pastor Brunson, who led the Protestant church in Izmir.

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