SBU announced the next hacker attacks on the objects of the Ukrainian state structures

  • SBU announced the next hacker attacks on the objects of the Ukrainian state structures

Kyiv : On Thursday, October 11, the Security Service of Ukraine recorded a new hacker attack on the objects of the state structures of Ukraine.

This was stated in the press center of the SBU.

“Special services specialists recorded a new targeted attack on the information and telecommunication systems of the state bodies of Ukraine. Hackers used new samples of malicious software, the functionality of which provides for remote administration of operating system processes and copying files, monitoring user actions, and intercepting passwords, ”the message stated.

According to the results of an investigation conducted by experts of the special services in cooperation with a well-known anti-virus company, it was established that these computer viruses are updated versions of Backdoor Industoyer.

“They have a number of similar characteristics, in particular, they use such fragments of software code, deployment procedures, use of computational capabilities of infected systems, etc. In addition, use of separate tools belonging to this hacker group, which were discovered during the investigation of previous cyber attacks, was recorded” - added the security forces.

According to the information, the Security Service of Ukraine has installed the objects of this cyber attack, also assisted in localizing and minimizing its consequences for the IT infrastructures of public authorities.

In early October, the British declared that Russia is a destructive cyber-terrorist who uses a network of hackers to spread contention throughout the world.

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