Soyuz launch vehicle crashed with astronauts on board

  • Soyuz launch vehicle crashed with astronauts on board

Kyiv: During the start of the Soyuz launch vehicle, which was supposed to deliver the crew to the ISS, it crashed. The astronauts of the carrier are alive, the rescue vehicle has made an emergency landing on the territory of Kazakhstan.

The cosmonaut from the Russian Federation Alexey Ovchinin and the American astronaut Nick Hague were pulled out of the rescue vehicle.

The crew was taken aboard a helicopter for transportation to Baikonur.

According to preliminary data, after launching into the missiles, the engines of the second stage crashed.

After the engines were turned off, the astronauts probably experienced severe overloads, and in spite of this, the device was able to land using a parachute.

After landing, the astronauts contacted and rescue units went to them.

The causes of the accident have not yet been established.

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