In Washington, an American was preparing a terrorist attack

  • In Washington an American was preparing a terrorist attack

Kyiv: A 56-year-old American citizen Paul Rosenfeld made a 91-kilogram bomb to blow himself up on the National Mall in Washington on November 6 on Congressional mid-term elections.

This is reported by the press service of the FBI.

“The man wanted to draw attention to his own convictions in the theory of “toss” or “Cleroterianism”. If his plan were successful, the explosion could have killed many passers-by and cause extreme damage,” the report says.

It is noted that the Federal District Court of the Southern District of New York charged the man with the manufacture and transportation of explosives; he faces 20 years in prison.

“Rosenfeld came under suspicion in September after he sent several letters and SMS about intentions to arrange a terrorist attack on a certain person’s number. This person announced the plans of the man,” the FBI said.

It is added that law enforcement officers found an explosive device in the house of an American.

Rosenfeld himself claims that he had already done and tested several small bombs.

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