In a situation with Hurricane Michael the US is preparing for the worst

  • In a situation with Hurricane Michael the US is preparing for the worst

Kyiv: Hurricane Michael is moving along the east coast of Florida.

It is reported by the National Hurricane Center.

"In the afternoon, the wind speed was recorded in some places during a hurricane in the United States reached 250 kilometers per hour," the report said.

At present, the power of the hurricane has already risen to level 4 on the Saffir-Simpson wind scale. However, this is not the highest figure, as experts note since the wind speed at the moment is only 2 kilometers lower than in hurricanes level 5.

“We caution against dangerous storms with a wave height of more than four meters. This storm is the worst of all that this part of the state has experienced over the past hundred years. We report that an incredible destruction is now taking place on the coast, and we warn everyone against this,” said Florida Governor Rick Scott.

According to Scott, after the termination of this natural disaster, about 1,000 rescuers and 3,500 national guardsmen will be sent to the defeat region. It is known about the evacuation of 375 thousand inhabitants.

“I promise to direct all available federal resources to support Florida. Today, Michael has turned into a real monster,” said US President Donald Trump at a meeting at the White House.

Recall that on Wednesday, October 10, hurricane Michael reached the coast of Florida, brought with it a strong wind and heavy rains.

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