Jagland: "In 2019 Russia will be excluded from the Council of Europe for non-payment of fees"

  • Jagland In 2019 Russia will be excluded from the Council of Europe for non-payment of fees

Strasbourg: In 2019, Russia will be excluded from the Council of Europe, unless payments to an international organization are not made.

This was made during a debate on the future of the Council of Europe, said the CoE General Secretary, Thorbjørn Jagland.

“According to the charter, if the state does not pay two years, Article 9 applies. Two years (Russian defaults) will be exactly next June. And I think that after this the Committee of Ministers not only can but should apply the article. That is if Russia does not restore payments to the Council of Europe budget in 2019, its participation in statutory bodies will be terminated, ”he said.

According to him, the charter of an international organization allows imposing additional sanctions on a state that does not pay membership dues. In this case, the Committee of Ministers (the executive body of the Council of Europe, the CMCE) may terminate Russia's participation in the work of the PACE and the CMCE itself.

“It is possible that Russia may leave the organization altogether,” suggested the Secretary General of the Council of Europe.

He added that if Russia leaves the CE, the budget of the organization will be changed.

“If it becomes clear that Russia is going out (i.e, if Russia is out), then I will immediately propose to the Committee of Ministers a revised budget of the Council of Europe,” Jagland stated.

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