Zakharova: “Have pity on Sentsov, when he arrives in Ukraine, he will not recognize the country”

  • Zakharova Have pity on Sentsov when he arrives in Ukraine he will not recognize the country

Kyiv: The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Vladimirovna Zakharova, held a regular briefing at the occupied Crimea, in Koktebel, which is the country house of the famous Russian journalist Dmitry Kiselyov.

At the beginning of her speech, Zakharova noted the development of the Crimea: “There are a large number of foreign delegations in Crimea”. According to the representative, about 100 delegations are present on the peninsula in 2018. Also, Zakharova noted that at the Yalta Forum they were actively talking about achievements in the land of occupation. “We invite everyone to visit Crimea and personally see positive trends, rather than build their opinion on political conclusions.”

Maria also decided to pay attention to the situation with Russian journalist Maria Butova, who is now in US custody due to espionage charges. Zakharova called Butova’s conclusion: “a contrived accusation and denigration of a journalist’s reputation.” The politician noted that he considers it very sad that it is precisely the distortion of information “that goes with the hands of the USA”.

Speaking about the fate of journalists, Zakharova could not mention the fate of Cyril Vyshinsky, who was arrested by Ukraine on charges of high treason. The representative analyzed the information field of Ukraine and said that he was watching the repressions in the direction of the media in Ukraine: “Ukraine deports employees, break people's fates, So please condemn the actions of the Kyiv regime.” “Pity Sentsov, when he arrives in Ukraine, he would not recognize the country,” added Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

Returning to the discussion of Ukraine, Zakharova ridiculed the Law of Ukraine on language, which was adopted on October 4, calling the law "a situation of total absurdity." The representative of the Foreign Ministry called the introduction of the law a continuation of Kyiv’s policy of total Ukrainization of the population, adding that in Ukraine, minorities cannot speak their own languages, which are indigenous people of Ukraine too. The recent sanctions for Ukrainian TV channels, Zakharova called it "a war in their own information space" and information gangsterism.

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