A political performance took place on the Kiev Maidan in defense of the Russian oppositionist

  • A political performance took place on the Kiev Maidan in defense of the Russian oppositionist

Kyiv: On Sunday, October 7, a political performance aimed at protecting the Russian oppositionalist Denis Bakholdin, who has already been detained for 20 months, took place on the capital of Independence Square.

The day of the action was chosen not by accident - on October 7, 2014, in the year of the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, on the 62nd birthday of Vladimir Putin, Denis Baholdin conducted "Putin - War Criminal" performance on Manezhnaya Square and Tverskaya Street in Moscow. . Tourists and passers-by were photographed with Putin, and then the police were forced to arrest and bring the symbolic figure of the "criminal-president."

Today, October 7, already on the 66th anniversary of Vladimir Putin, Bakholdin’s support group repeated this action in the tourist center of Kiev, as seen in the photo of Anastasia Bubeeva, whose husband Andrei served two years in Russia for the usual report on the Web.

Despite the fact that the main space of the Maidan today was given to a sports festival, the people of Kiev and guests of the capital were able to take a picture with a copy of the Kremlin’s owner and learn more about Denis himself. On the night of October 8-9, it is now 20 months since Bakholdin was imprisoned.

One of the organizers of today's rally, Russian oppositionist and political émigré Mikhail Agafonov, tells FNI about the Kremlin prisoner.

It turned out that Denis Bakholdin had the usual biography of a more or less successful person until he began opposition activities. Born in Moscow in 1981. He served in the army, received two specialties - a psychologist and an economist - he worked in a bank. Everything changed in 2012 when he began to take part in protests against the policy of the Russian authorities.

He was regularly detained after been held, and the courts sentenced him to administrative penalties - fines and arrests. He was also an election observer from independent candidates.

 Since the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, he actively joined in the anti-war actions, the crown of which was the holding of the aforementioned activities in the center of Moscow, after which Denis was forced to leave Russia and moved to Ukraine, where he continued to support the Russian anti-war opposition.

In March 2017, while trying to visit his mother, he was detained in the Bryansk region and detained in a pre-trial detention center on charges of “participating in an extremist community”. Denis was beaten, trying to get a confession. He is awaited by the court and the inevitable time - because he did not support his country in the wrong war and could not sit quietly in the "internal emigration."

According to the Russian investigation, Denis fought in the anti-terrorist operation as part of the DUK PS, but so far only 282.2 are present in the - participation of an organization recognized as extremist; the prosecutor's office referred the case to the Suzemsky court of the Bryansk region, he transferred to Moscow, the Moscow court found in the indictment a number of violations and returned for further investigation. Now they have written a new one, only slightly different from the previous one, again transferred to the Suzemsky court, he again transferred the case to Moscow and Denis is now waiting for the stage to Moscow and this has been going on for 20 months now.

“Therefore, for a wider resonance, we ask all those who today on the Maidan were photographed with the Kremlin’s twin to post their photos in social networks with the hashtag - #FreeBakholdin!”, Said our interlocutor.


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